Medical Risk Assessment Professional (MRAP) Designation Program

The Medical Risk Assessment Professional (MRAP) educational program is a series of two exams designed to appeal to a global insurance industry.  The curriculum for this program has been designed to only focus on medical topics. It does not address country or region-specific material such as non-medical/avocation, financial, legislative or operational issues.

The MRAP program is aimed at meeting the needs of a large pool of candidates with a desire to learn more about the medical aspects and issues of risk assessment including, but not limited to:

  • international students
  • underwriters working in a field office
  • pricing actuaries, medical directors
  • claims examiners
  • disability, long term care and critical illness underwriters
  • non-underwriting managers of underwriters

If you want to learn more about the medical aspect of risk assessment including anatomy, physiology, treatment of diseases and impact on life expectancy and morbidity, this course of study may be appropriate for you.


MRAP-1 covers fundamental concepts that are essential to the evaluation of medical risks in life insurance underwriting, such as anatomy, common laboratory and diagnostic tests, alcohol and drug abuse and coronary artery disease.

Requirements for MRAP 1: There are no prerequisites for the MRAP-1 Exam.


MRAP-2 covers advanced concepts and principles of medical risk assessment for the life insurance underwriter and the life claim examiner, including the immune system, underwriting the elderly, cancer, mental illness and hematological disorders, building upon the basics covered in the first exam.

Requirements for MRAP-1: Students must successfully pass MRAP-1 before registering for the MRAP-2.

The MRAP program will be gradually phased out over the next 2 exam cycles. Both the MRAP-1 and MRAP-2 exams will be available for the April 2021 exam. MRAP-2 will be available for the April 2022 exam. After 2022, ALU will no longer offer the MRAP exam series.

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