The History of the Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU)


The Joint Education and Examination Committee, the predecessor of the ALU, was formed in 1948 by joint action of the Home Office Life Underwriters Association (HOLUA) and the Institute of Home Office Underwriters (IHOU). The Committee's name was changed to Life Underwriting Education Committee (LUEC) in 1973. The Canadian Institute of Underwriters became a full partner with those two associations to sponsor LUEC in 1991. In 1998, the organization became the Education Committee of the Academy of Life Underwriting. In 2012, the Academy of Life Underwriting became an independent organization.

Currently, the ALU provides a series of four exams leading to the designation, Fellow, Academy of Life Underwriting. In addition, the Academy produces an annual series of web seminars and an annual management forum.

In 1975, the first FALU class had 9 graduates, all achieving the designation by writing a project paper. 1981 was the first year one could earn a FALU by passing a third exam, instead of writing a project paper. The project paper was discontinued in 2004 and the fourth exam was added in 2007.

In 1994, the 500th FALU earned the designation and in 2007 the 1,000th fellow was designated. 2010 marked the growth of the ranks of FALU to over 1,500.

There have been 15 chairs of the Education Committee. The past ALU chair people are:

  • Art Taylor (1974)
  • Ben Currier (1977)
  • Bill Phillips (1980)
  • Bob Hale (1983)
  • Dale Johnson (1987)
  • Joe Dahl (1990)
  • Barb Lutz (1993)
  • Gloria Flattum (1996)
  • Roland Paradis (1999)
  • Brian Pray (2002)
  • Marty Meyer (2005)
  • Lee Janecek (2008)
  • Margaret Taff (2011)
  • Frank Goetz (2014)
  • Jennifer Johnson (2017)

In 2012, the Education Committee incorporated as a separate organization.  Jodi McDonald (2020) is the current ALU President.

The ALU Board has adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy, contact ALU staff with questions.

The Academy of Life Underwriting is a tax exempt organization. View our Form 990 & 990-T and financial snapshot for more information.