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The Survey Group's mission is to poll underwriters on topical areas of interest using current technology. Results of these inquiries are then shared with the study participants and the industry.


 The 2017 Underwriter Census Survey is Now Closed





We appreciate the participation of 1,541 underwriters from the US and Canada!  Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the survey!

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We appreciate your support and hope to provide valuable information to you!

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Underwriting Automation and the Underwriter Role

2016 Underwriting Automation and the Underwriter Role

The ALU Survey Group recently conducted a survey to determine how companies are using automated systems, what requirements and products are being evaluated by automated systems, and how automation will impact the underwriter role. The survey was sent to chief underwriters at direct carriers, reinsurers and retrocessionaires. This article details the survey results, provides insights into how companies are currently using automation, and highlights skill sets and training which may be necessary for future underwriters.

Underwriter Training and Continuing Education Survey

2015 Underwriter Training and Continuing Education Survey

The ALU Survey Group conducted a survey to determine how many companies are training underwriters to prepare for the retirement of approximately 23% of underwriters within 5 years. The survey also inquired into the extent of company continuing education programs to fill the potential knowledge gaps. The survey results provides insights into company resource priorities in training and continuing education.

Underwriter Census Survey

2014 Underwriter Census Survey

Thank you to all who participated in the Underwriter Census for the U.S. and Canada... we received 2309 responses!

The goals of the census:

  • Discover the age of the underwriter population and help us assess if we are developing enough underwriters
  • Gauge experience, education level and development needs
  • Determine how many underwriters work remotely


Underwriting in the world of E-cigarettes and legalized marijuana

2014 Forum Group Survey - Underwriting in the world of E-cigarettes and legalized marijuana

The Forum Group conducted a survey among those underwriting professionals attending the 2014 ALU Forum in September 2014. The survey topic contained questions regarding Underwriting in the World of E-cigarettes and Legalized Marijuana.


Underwriting Audits

2013 Survey - Underwriting Audits 

A survey was conducted in Feb. 2013 to identify common practices for internal underwriting audit programs. The goal of the ALU survey is to:

  • Support quality assessment in our underwriting profession
  • Identify common industry practices so leaders can benchmark their own program
  • Further industry insights and knowledge

Over 100 companies from the US and Canada responded, with representation from direct carriers, reinsurers, retrocessionaires and providers of underwriting services. Please click the link above to view a summary of the study.