The Charles A. Will Award

Congratulations to Qianyi Yang of Cigna & CMB Life Insurance! Qianyi is the 2021 recipient of the Charles A. Will Award!

This award, instituted in 1993, is named in honor of Charles A. Will who was instrumental in developing a formalized program for the professional home office underwriter.  He also authored the book “Does It Make Sense,” a text that encapsulated the process of decision making for underwriters.

The recipient of the award is the new FALU with the highest aggregate score on all of the ALU exams.  The Charles A. Will Award recipient receives a larger version of the crystal globe that all new FALUs receive, and payment of his or her expenses (airfare, hotel and registration fee) for the annual AHOU conference where the international underwriting community will recognize his or her accomplishment.

Recipients of the Charles A. Will Award

1993 - John Custer, Metropolitan

1994 - Paula Mendonça, Financial Life of Canada

1995 - Elizabeth Watson, Crown Life

1996 - Lori Lown, Century Life of America

1997 - Kathy Richter, Minnesota Mutual Life

1998 - William Camm, M.D., AUL

1999 - Dennis Dickman, State Farm Life Insurance Company

2000 - Hsu (Jasmin)Huei Huang, Allianz Insurance Mgmt Asia Pacific

2001 - David Wright, GE Financial Assurance

2002 - Pat Brachmann, Munich American Re

2003 - Tom Gross, New York Life

2004 - Troy Delancey, Lincoln Benefit

2005 - Melissa Meier, Modern Woodmen of America

2006 - Keyongone Oh, Samsung Life Insurance Company

2007 - Sengdavone Sophasath, Empire Financial

2008 - Lisa Kay Claussen, Hartford Life

2009 - Yongfu Chen, China Pacific Life Insurance Company

2010 - Dong Yuxing, PICC Health Insurance Company

2011 - Xiaopeng Shen, Swiss Re

2012 - Daniel P. George, MD, Mass Mutual

2013 - Amy Rider, Optimum Re Insurance Company

2014 - Kelley Gieryn, Northwestern Mutual

2015 - Scott Carrigan, Federated Life Insurance Company

2016 - Andrew Langemeier, Assurity Life Insurance Company

2017 - Tammy Kinnes, Lincoln Financial Group

2018 - Ecaterina Karina Lavric, Sun Life Financial

2019 - Dr. Sana Jafrani, TPL Life Insurance Limited

2020 - Kevin Alameddine, Swiss Re

2021 - Qianyi Yang, Cigna & CMB Life Insurance