Policy Statement of Anti-Trust Compliance


antitrustThe Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU) is a not-for-profit corporation principally consisting of volunteer members. The purpose of the ALU is to establish and administer professional education, certification and credentialing programs in the field of life insurance underwriting, and to improve and enhance business conditions in the life insurance underwriting industry. It is the nature of ALU’s business for volunteers from many life insurance and reinsurance companies to meet to accomplish this work. 


Therefore, it is imperative for ALU and its volunteers to be sensitive to both the spirit and letter of anti-trust laws, which, broadly stated, prohibit any activities that might lessen or tend to lessen the desirable competition among the Academy’s volunteers and the companies they represent.  It is the policy of ALU to avoid all activities which could or might appear to violate any anti-trust law or regulation.


If any ALU volunteer has a question or concern about this policy, he or she is encouraged to contact the ALU President or the Chair, ALU Board of Directors.