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In an effort to reduce the time and paperwork required for company Educational Representatives who wish to enroll two or more students in ALU examinations being administered at a single company site, the Academy will continue its Multi-Student Enrollment program for the April 16, 2019 ALU exams.

Students may register individually or as part of a group of students, with exam registration and textbook purchase coordinated by a company’s educational representative. If you choose to coordinate exam registration for a group of students, here are several things to keep in mind.

  • An Educational Representative or exam coordinator may use the ALU Multi-Student Registration Form and the ALU Order & Payment Forms to register two or more students for ALU exams.  Please click HERE to download a copy of the Multi-Student Registration Form. Click HERE to obtain the textbook and exam payment form.
  • All students listed on this form must write their ALU exams at the same company location. Please note that a single company payment, either check or credit card is required for all students registered on this form, and that textbooks ordered in conjunction with these exam registrations will be shipped to the education representative or exam coordinator for distribution.
  • You may download the Multi-student ALU Exam Registration form and the ALU Order & Payment form. You may make copies of either form to register as many students as you wish. You may use one ALU Order & Payment form to remit the exam fees and textbook charges for multiple students. You may give us contact information for the exam proctor in a cover letter instead of on each registration form.
  • You may use a company check or credit card to pay the exam fees and textbook charges; the ALU accepts American Express, VISA and MasterCard credit cards. Full instructions may be found on the ALU Order & Payment form.  Please note that payment must be made in US$ funds.  You will receive a detailed receipt once your transaction is processed.
  • The ALU Administration Office encourages company representatives to register students and purchase textbooks as a group. If you use the multi-student registration form, students need not complete individual registrations as well.  Students registered on a multi-student registration form must be from the same company exam site.  You may submit the required forms by mail or courier, by fax or as email attachments in PDF format.  Please do not submit the forms twice, i.e. if you fax the forms to the ALU administration office, please do not mail the original forms as well.


The Academy of Life Underwriting will offer four ALU examinations on Tuesday, April 16, 2019: ALU101, ALU201, ALU202, ALU301, MRAP-1 and MRAP-2.  The registration period for all ALU examinations opens September 1, 2018, and exam registrations will be accepted through March 1, 2019.  Exam registrations submitted February 2, 2019 – March 1, 2019 require payment of a late registration fee in addition to the regular exam fee.

There are no prerequisites for ALU exam registration, but ALU exams must be written in order. Students may register for and write one ALU exam during an exam cycle. There are no prerequisites for registering for the MRAP-1 exam.

Textbook Information

The textbooks required for ALU exams may be purchased through this website.  Please click HERE to visit the ALU Store.

Important: Please note that the Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology 7th and 8th edition textbook is no longer available from the ALU.  It may be purchased from an online bookseller such as Amazon.com or the publisher.

General ALU exam information can be found here: General ALU Exam Information

For questions concerning ALU exam registration or exam textbooks, please contact the ALU Registrar:

Phone: 202-495-3130  email: registrar@alu-web.com