To meet the needs of remote underwriters and unaffiliated students who wish to write ALU exams, the Academy offers a remote exam site program. ALU students in the United States or Canada who are not housed in or near a company office may write their exams under the supervision of an exam proctor and organization convenient to the student’s home or place of business. To assure consistency in the exam process across all exam sites, remote exam site organizations and proctors must meet the following requirements:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to identify a suitable remote exam site organization and to arrange exam proctoring services.
  • The organization must be established with a website and direct telephone number. Examples of suitable organizations include a:
    • local or regional public library, or a college library;
    • local public or independent school, or community college;
    • local adult education facility;
    • church, synagogue or other established place of worship; or
    • commercial testing center.
  • The proctor must be an employee or volunteer staff of the organization who may be reached via the provided email and telephone number.
  • The student is responsible for any fee charged by the organization for exam proctoring services. While many organizations will not charge a fee, fees at some commercial testing centers may exceed $75.
  • A student's friend or colleague may not serve as his or her exam proctor; you may not serve as your own exam proctor.
  • Final determination of whether a particular organization or proctor may serve as a remote exam site rests solely with the ALU Administration office.
  • ALU exams may be written at remote exam sites in the U.S. and Canada only. All ALU students outside the U.S. or Canada may only write ALU exams at an insurance company site.